AI and Anthropology

Matt Artz of recently published an article in Anthropology News, outlining his ten predictions for the future of anthropology as influenced by advancements in artificial intelligence (AI). Artz suggests that AI will be integrated across all fields of anthropology, from enhancing artifact analysis in archaeology to assisting in the study of endangered languages in linguistic anthropology. He envisions AI as a collaborator rather than a replacement, enriching every aspect of the anthropological process, and foresees AI transforming ethnography and enhancing public engagement with complex research findings. He predicts automated digital ethnography (ADE), AI-driven multimodal analysis, anthropology-specific AI tools, and the development of anthropological knowledge graphs (AKGs) as future innovations. Artz also sees anthropologists founding tech companies, merging anthropological understanding with data science, and a rise in “Anthropology as a Service” (AaaS) platforms. While enthusiastic about these potential developments, he urges attention to ethical concerns such as bias, privacy, and job market impacts.

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