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Anthropology is recognized for its relevance and applicability in business. Recent articles from our community have highlighted it’s significance. Check out the below summaries, and read the full articles.

Bolstering Market Research With Anthropology

In “Bolstering Market Research With Anthropology” by Autumn D. McDonald, published on Forbes on November 28, 2023, McDonald, a business owner specializing in market research, highlights the crucial role of anthropology in enhancing market research. The article emphasizes the importance of a deep understanding of culture, which is often neglected in market research, in comprehending consumer behaviors and preferences. McDonald advocates for the integration of anthropological insights into market research to improve its effectiveness. The article suggests practical approaches such as education in anthropology for market researchers, promoting cross-disciplinary hiring that includes anthropologists, and consulting with trained anthropologists for culturally informed research methods. McDonald stresses that the incorporation of anthropological perspectives will lead to more meaningful and impactful market research, beneficial for both business strategies and a comprehensive understanding of consumer dynamics.

Practical Anthropology According to Generative Artificial Intelligence

In “Practical Anthropology According to Generative Artificial Intelligence” by Robert Morais, published on LinkedIn Pulse on December 3, 2023, Morais explores the practical applications of anthropology and how generative AI, like ChatGPT, can contribute to this field. Despite skepticism about the practical value of anthropology degrees compared to those in engineering and business, and the reluctance of academic departments to emphasize this aspect, Morais demonstrates that anthropology offers valuable skills for various sectors. He highlights anthropologists’ contributions to market research, organizational culture, product design, environmental conservation, public health, and technology. The article suggests strategies for the American Anthropological Association to educate employers about anthropology’s practical skills and convince academic departments to teach its practical value. These include developing collaborations, creating outreach programs, showcasing success stories, advocating for curriculum enhancement, and engaging in public awareness campaigns. Morais emphasizes the need to bridge the gap between academia and industry, showcasing anthropology’s role in addressing contemporary issues and enriching academic programs.

The Enduring Relevance of Anthropology

In “The Enduring Relevance of Anthropology” by Adam Gamwell and Phil Surles, published on Culture Capitalist on November 22, 2023, the significance of anthropology in understanding and shaping culture is explored through the legacy of Margaret Mead. The article reflects on the evolution and contemporary usage of ‘culture’ in various societal aspects, emphasizing the deep insights anthropology provides into shared values, beliefs, and practices. It highlights the methodological, theoretical, and ethical tools anthropologists use to understand diverse cultural perspectives, crucial for comprehensive scientific analysis and ethical considerations. The article also discusses the role of anthropology in contemporary political discussions, especially around gender, citing Mead’s influential work. Mead’s skill in making her research accessible and relevant to a broader audience is presented as a model for current scientists. To celebrate Mead’s contributions and the importance of anthropology, the authors announce a giveaway of her signed book, “From the South Seas: Studies of Adolescence and Sex in Primitive Societies,” aiming to underscore the enduring relevance of anthropology in shaping and understanding human cultures.

Professionalizing Anthropology for the Digital Turn

In “Professionalizing Anthropology for the Digital Turn” by Matt Artz, published on the American Ethnological Society’s website on November 14, 2023, Artz discusses the transformative impact of digital technologies on the field of anthropology. Artz, who delivered he keynote at the 4th Global Business Anthropology Summit, emphasizes the importance of embracing digital technologies, including artificial intelligence, to keep anthropology relevant in a technology-mediated world. He highlights the growing interest in digital anthropology, marked by the rise of scholars focusing on digital methods and field sites. The article underscores the necessity for anthropologists to develop new digital theories, methods, and communication abilities, reflecting on how digital tools like OpenAI’s ChatGPT are already influencing the field. Artz argues that the digital turn in anthropology presents both opportunities and risks, advocating for the ethical engagement with these technologies. He emphasizes the potential of digital tools to expand anthropological research and public engagement, while also cautioning against risks such as algorithmic bias and privacy concerns. The article concludes with suggestions for getting started in digital anthropology, advocating for continued innovation and professionalization in the discipline to maintain its humanistic core and relevance in the digital age.

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