Explore the past Global Business Anthropology Summits (GBAS) that have brought together practitioners, scholars, and visionaries from around the world to tackle pressing challenges and shape the future of business anthropology. From the thought-provoking 2023 Summit “Making Conscious Futures” to the innovative 2021 Summit in Berlin and the impactful 2019 Summit in New York City, and the original in Detroit, each gathering has fostered collaboration, explored emerging trends, and reinforced the value of anthropology in the business realm.

2023 Summit

Redefining organizations for a better future through anthropology in Mexico.

2021 Summit

Navigating uncertainty, sustainability, and global collaboration in Berlin.

2019 Summit

Reflecting on the field, training priorities, and global networks to enhance anthropology’s value in business in New York.

2018 Summit

Advancing business anthropology through interdisciplinary collaboration and knowledge sharing in Detroit.