Work in UX with an Anthropology Degree

Matt Artz from wrote an informative article for the Anthropology Career Readiness Network, elucidating how anthropology graduates can leverage their unique skills and training to land a job in the rapidly expanding field of User Experience (UX) Research. With a focus on human behavior and cultural contexts, an anthropology degree provides a distinctive edge in UX research, making anthropologists great fits for the field. Artz underlines that while certain technical skills can be beneficial, the core of UX research lies in understanding humans, not technology. He further provides a roadmap for anthropologists seeking a career in UX research, detailing steps like conducting a self-audit of previous research experience, defining the target market, reframing academic experiences for industry relevance, and the importance of continual iteration in the job application process. As of now, many UX researchers are anthropologists, offering promising career prospects for future anthropology graduates.

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