An Anthropologist and a CEO Talk about Their Study of Greeting Cards

Join us on Feb 16th for a special edition of the Business Anthro Meetup in celebration of Anthro Day| Featuring Patti Sunderland and Jerry McLaughlin, we will explore a research project from the perspective of the client and the consultant. Patti Sunderland, the consultant, is an anthropologist and the founder of Jerry McLaughlin, the client, is the founder of Together, they will explore the meaning of greeting cards and the value of anthropology in business. This event offers a unique perspective you won’t hear anywhere else. Don’t miss out on this one-of-a-kind opportunity. Anthropology Day is brought to you by the American Anthropological Association. It is a day for anthropologists to celebrate our discipline while sharing it with the world around us. Help us celebrate what anthropology is and what it can achieve by hosting an event in your community, on your campus, or in your workplace. Zoom link to be posted closer to the event date.

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